About Me

My mother taught medicine at the university - and I knew at age 5 that I wanted to become either a physician or work in a pharmaceutical company.

Portrait of Katharina Winkels
Katharina Winkels

At 16, shortly before I finished school, I discovered punk and politics. After a severe liver disease that conventional medicine could not help me with, I realized that it wasn’t as almighty as I had presumed - and also that big pharma might just pursue other interests than the quest for healing.

At age 14, after my parents divorced, I had developed anorexia, and that also raised questions in me, like: What do we even consider healthy or unhealthy? How do body and soul interact? How sick is the individual - in relation to a sick society?

I read a lot of books on psychosomatics and tried to study philosophy, in the hope that that could provide some answers. Instead I found a record store and a job as a DJ in a huge club. I fell deeper & deeper in love with music and it opened whole news levels of consciousness for me. I didn’t go to class often… (Oh Bondage! Up yours!)

I moved to Berlin and started a record store with my DJ partner: MR DEAD & MRS FREE.

At age 27 I met an astrologer and that became my next obsession. I started to study astrology and worked in a homoeopathic practice and went back and forth between two worlds. In order to work with homoeopathy I started to study regular medicine - but got very frustrated after 2 or 3 years.

I married and had 3 children.

Just before I got married somebody gave me Bert Hellinger’s Ordnungen der Liebe - and I knew immediately: This is it!

It took a little while before I found a group that was working with Hellinger’s concepts, in 1999. It took a little longer to find the right teacher for me: in 2012 I started training with Peter Orban (and also got a degree as Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie)

When my kids developed several allergic symptoms, that I had also suffered with for years, I realized that homoeopathy was not sufficient to deal with that. I discovered functional medicine and the Paleo diet - und cooked the whole family free of symptoms within 9 months. We never want to go back to normal again!

Since that time I coach other people through that same kind of transition to a healthier diet. Very often that also raises more psychological issues - as food is so closely related to a lot of emotions. So I find it extremely efficient and helpful to work on both aspects - physical and mental/emotional - simultaneously.

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